Harrogate Antique & Fine Art Fair
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The Harrogate Antique and Fine Art Fair
The Harrogate Antique Fair
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Exhibit at the Harrogate Antique Fair

The Antiques Fairs in Harrogate are the most prestigious antique events in the North of England. Exhibitors are selected on a basis of quality, integrity and knowledge, and as many areas of antiques as possible are represented to give the Fairs a vital and diverse profile. The Fairs now include 20th century and Art Nouveau specialist dealers, adding another dimension to this superb event. Many of the exhibitors are well-known and esteemed in their areas of expertise.

The aim of the Fairs is to provide a suitable forum for antiques and fine art from all over the country to be presented before the cognoscenti of the North, renowned for their appreciation of the finer things in life! Harrogate is a centre of excellence for antiques and, enhanced by its unique and elegant beauty, it is a natural setting for one of the most prestigious events of Antiques and Fine Art to be found outside London.

We look forward to welcoming you in Harrogate ...

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